Tom Glavine picture gallery

Here is a collection of Tom Glavine pictures I have personally found, scanned, and cleaned up. Please do not take pictures for your own webpage. If you'd like to save them for wallpaper or something, that's fine, but I would like my site to be unique so please don't take pictures for websites. Thanks and enjoy!


Glavine pitching in 1991
Glavine pitching in the 1995 World Series
Braves plaque signed by Glavine I received for Christmas
Glavine warming up for a start on 7/26/97 at Cincinatti
Tom Glavine pitching on 7/26/97 in Cincinatti
Tom Glavine giving autographs
Tom Glavine shooting pool at a charity benefit
Glavine on the cover of the Braves 1998 team yearbook
Glavine in "Rarest of Diamonds" book a soldier? (featured in the August 97 issue of Chop Talk)
Newlyweds Tom and Chris Glavine

Tom Glavine cards

Glavine as a kid: "Little Hot Shots" card featuring Glavine in his little league days
Rookie card: close-up picture of Glavine as a rookie
1988 card: Donruss card with picture of Glavine smiling
1991 card:
1992 card:
1993 card: close-up picture
1996 card:
1997 card: Glavine pitching
1998 card: well designed, picture of windup
1992 Score card: "National League Cy Young Award" card, picture of him pitching and a picture of him smiling.
1992 Leaf Studio card: picture of Tom holding a ball and smiling with picture of him pitching in the background.
1995 Pinnacle select card: picture of pitching and a close-up face shot
1993 Leaf Studio card: close-up upper body picture with gold embossed signature
1992 Pinnacle card: picture of pitching with black border
1991 Upper Deck card: picture of pitching
1990 Fleer card: upper body smiling picture
1991 Topps card: picture of pitching from the side
1993 Hostess card: close-up picture of pitching
1991 Fleer card: Glavine sliding with yellow border
1992 All Star card: also has 1991 All Star Dave Fleming

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