Tom Glavine quotes

Here is a selection of quotes that are from Tom Glavine or about Tom Glavine.

"You can describe Tom Glavine in one word: winner."-Greg Maddux in 
"None but the Braves"

"This wasn't just any second. This was one of the greatest moments in
my life, one I wanted to cherish and stretch out forever. You've heard
of a New York minute? This was an Atlanta second."-Tom Glavine on the
moment Marquis Grissom caught the final out of the 1995 World Series

"I would rank that one with big games I've worked. It was the most
masterful performance. It was a fitting performance for that series.
A fitting ending."- home plate umpire Joe Brinkman on Tom Glavine's one
hitter in Game 6 of the 1995 World Series

"I can't wait. I went to alot of games there, and I always dreamed 
of playing there."-Tom Glavine on pitching in Fenway Park in 1997.

"Tom, this is Roy, you're going to the big leagues. They want you up
there tomorrow-they're going to Houston-so get some sleep and we'll
get you out there first thing in the morning."-Roy Majtyka, 1987 Richmond 
manager, giving Glavine the call to the big leagues.

"Tom Glavine is the most strong-minded individual I have ever been around.
He has an unparalled knowledge of the game of baseball, and a work ethic
to match. Tom is a combination of class and street toughness with a 
NEVER-GIVE-IN attitude. Tom is consistently excellent. That's his standard."
Leo Mazzone