On July 29th, I met Tom Glavine for the first time. He stepped outside the Hyatt Regency hotel in Cincinnati and a crowd formed immediately. He was wearing a yellow golf shirt and I think khaki pants. Once I was next to him, my dad said he glanced at me and saw I had his book, "None But the Braves" and signed a couple more then signed mine next to last. We exchanged hellos, and after he signed my book I told him thanks and keep up the great work this season. He said thank you back to me. And that was it. I know it may not seem like a fantastic meeting where I got to have a conversation with him, but it was really important to me. I finally got to meet the guy I look up to very much, and I hope he knows that by giving someone an autograph he can make them feel like the luckiest person alive.

I also got another autograph of Tom's the next day, when he signed again outside the hotel. This time he was wearing a black jacket with a white knit undershirt and black pants. I had him sign my 1998 team yearbook on his picture. He signed for every single person there, which I thought was nice of him.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. They are all pretty close. As always, please don't take pictures for websites. Thanks!
Glavine signing on the first day
Glavine signing from the side
Throwing some pitches before the game
The windup
Glavine looking thrilled
Getting the throw back
Coming set to pitch
Reaching down to get the ball back
Glavine and Leo Mazzone
Glavine signing the 2nd day
Walking towards the dugout

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