Little known facts about Tom Glavine

December 17, 1995 was Tom Glavine Day in his hometown of Billerica, Massachusetts. He was
presented with a street sign that said "Glavineville".

Tom was drafted by the NHL team LA Kings, but chose to sign with the Braves instead.

Personal possessions in his locker include pictures of his daughter, Amber, a framed 
four-leaf clover someone sent him, assorted caps, a picture of the Blue Angels flight presicion team, and a couple of hockey sticks.

Chews one piece of Bazooka Sugarless bubble gum and keeps another piece in his back left 
pocket when he pitches.

Retired his glove after the 1995 World Series, and still keeps it.

Anaheim Angel Gary DiSarcina was a teammate of Glavine's in high school.